Characteristics of an Energy Sales Professional, Part 2



characteristics of energy sales pro, part 2
Energy Sales Professionals are:

Effective Communicators

  • You know how to word things in a way that a wide range of people can understand.
  • You use intonation, facial expressions, and body language in a way the makes people trust, like, and understand you.
  • When you deliver negative information or “bad news,” you do so in a way that is non-threatening and fully explains the reasoning behind it.
  • When you speak to a room full of people, you acknowledge every single person in it.


  • You want to learn about your industry.
  • You want to know more about your customers.
  • You wonder what new ideas and sales techniques could be leveraged to grow your business.
  • “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” ~ Albert Einstein


  • You set your aims high, even if you don’t always achieve them.
  • You refuse to sell yourself short; you believe that you deserve success.
  • You set goals as the person you want to be, not as the person you are.
  • You believe in your product or service... and in your ability to express its value.

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Posted by Mark Jewell