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Change Your Messaging


Sales professionals are problem solvers.  If there are ways you can make you make a business more competitive, profitable and valuable, then be sure to put that messaging front and center.  Think about what each of your prospects and customers might be most concerned about in these challenging times. What have they lost (or fear losing)?  Revenue?  Productivity?  Morale?  All three? 

Change Your Messaging

Let’s take morale, for example.  By making efficiency improvements, think of how that would boost morale for employees returning to work once it’s safe enough to return.  Your proposed upgrades might increase employee retention and attraction, especially if those upgrades imply health benefits.  Examples abound.  How about improving the HVAC system’s filtration efficiency or incorporating UV-C lighting systems that can neutralize viruses and other harmful agents on furnishings?

This is the time to dig into your toolbox and ask yourself, “How can I help this person?”  I recently heard a story from a fellow sales professional who has been selling electrification.  One of the first things he opens any sales meeting with is a folder of various grant programs that are available to help fund energy projects.  He has found that it’s an effective way to show how emotionally invested he is in his customer’s success. 

So, the question you need to ask yourself is, “What is my message?”  It needs to be something your prospect will get excited about and is easy to repeat.  They can spread that message for you and perhaps even become an internal champion for your cause.  After all, there is a huge difference between a prospect thinking, “Ugh, this person is just trying to sell me something” and “Wow, this person is really interested in helping us succeed instead of just selling us some gear.”

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Posted by Mark Jewell