Challenge Yourself


A lot can happen in seven days.  This week I recommend Bruno Gralpois’ Success Freak: Kick Ass In Life In 7 Days, a self-initiated program that can help whip you into shape in short order.

Challenge Yourself

Overall the book is a short read.  Each chapter focuses on a specific lesson and exercises you can accomplish in less than an hour.  Consider it a brief crash course to keep you on track and help you maintain good habits.

Here is the summary on Amazon:

“Are you ready to get insanely more out of life? Success is acquired, not inherited. Take control of your destiny and join the ‘Success Freak 7-Day Challenge’: master 7 essential skills and transform your life in only one week.  Combining helpful exercises and set-by-steps activities, Success Freak is a self-help book by French-American Entrepreneur Bruno Gralpois, that will show you how to unleash the amazing potential that, yes, already lies within you.  You are about to become an unstoppable force of resolve and determination. Nothing short of the Success (Freak) you were always meant to be.”

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Posted by Mark Jewell

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