Build on Your Business Relationships


Beginning with the fallout from the 2008 recession, 7L: The Seven Levels of Communication begins with real estate agent Rick Masters crossing paths with a fellow agent who seems to be connected with all the right people and knows everyone’s names, thriving in spite of the others struggling around her.  While learning her methods he realizes that relationships are the basis of sales success and to be patient with how many “touches” you need to make in order to close.

Build On Your Business Relationships

I couldn’t agree with this more.  These days the relationships we have already established are necessary road maps to meeting new prospects and providing possible sales.  Although most of Maher’s book is fiction, it focuses on the need for referrals and connections in order to thrive during times of economic uncertainty.  Think of this as chicken soup for a sales professional’s soul - a reminder that when times get tough, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the end of the road.  You can use what is already at your disposal and spin straw into gold.

Here is the summary on Amazon:

“Can you imagine receiving a referral each and every day? Neither could real estate agent Rick Masters.

“(7L) The Seven Levels of Communication tells the entertaining and educational story of Rick Masters, who is suffering from a down economy when he meets a mortgage professional who has built a successful business without advertising or personal promotion. Skeptical, he agrees to accompany her to a conference to learn more about her mysterious methods. Rick soon learns that the rewards for implementing these strategies are far greater than he had ever imagined. In seeking success, he finds significance. This heartwarming tale of Rick’s trials and triumphs describes the exact strategies that helped him evolve from the Ego Era to the Generosity Generation. This book is about so much more than referrals. This is about building a business that not only feeds your family, but also feeds your soul.”

Learn how to sell in a recession!

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Posted by Mark Jewell