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Body Language, Part Two



Today, we’ll continue with some more body language clues:

If your prospect feels confident in what they are saying or thinking, they may:
-Clasp their hands behind their back.
-Clasp their hands in front of their body.
-Touch their fingertips together.
-Sit in a dominant position. Taking up a lot of space while sitting with hands clasped behind the head or ankle crossed on opposite knee signals confidence.
Action: Avoid debate – the prospect likely knows a lot about the topic, and you don’t want to ruffle their feathers.

If your prospect feels defensive, they may:
-Fold their arms.
-Cross their legs.
-Note: Be intelligent as you evaluate these positions to make sure that you're actually seeing a shift in body language that correlates with the topic of discussion. In some cases, people may fold their arms or cross their legs simply to get comfortable.
Action: Try to be more flexible.

If your prospect is doubtful, they may:
-Hide or cover up their mouth.
Action: Reassure the prospect.

If your prospect is anxious, they may:
-Bite their fingernails.
-Tap their fingers or heels.
-Jiggle the contents of their pockets.
Note: Any one of these actions alone may not be a definitive sign of anxiety. Look for three or more of these symptoms before jumping to conclusions.
Action: Probe for the source of the anxiety and alleviate accordingly.

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Posted by Mark Jewell