I was given an excellent suggestion from one of my students regarding a sales program of his own!  Since he and I have similar sensibilities it isn’t surprising that it goes hand in hand with our teachings at Selling Energy


Mark Rogers volunteered that as he briefed his new salespeople, he used the acronym ROQSTAR™ to remind them of the seven principles that are essential to the sales cycle.  Each word details a specific interaction you should have with your prospect: 

Relate: Greet your customer

Open: “Thanks for seeing me.”

Question: “Tell me why you agreed to meet.”

Solution: “Here’s how we can help.”

Timing: “When will you do this?”

Action: “Let’s discuss the steps needed to do this.”

Review: “Here’s what we both just agreed to do and when.” 

This sales breakdown is not only essential, but also easy to remember thanks to the acronym, “ROQSTAR.”  It could be memorized or printed on a business card for safekeeping.  Of course, that’s only the beginning.  Applying it will ensure success!

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Posted by Mark Jewell