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Win Over Your Audience

By Mark Jewell | September 18, 2019
How do you prepare a presentation that will win over your audience? The first step is to carefully contemplate the ways ... Read More >

What Does My Listener Need to Know?

By Mark Jewell | September 17, 2019
I talk a lot about communication strategies on this blog because effective communication is vital to success in sales ... Read More >

Advice from A Trillion Dollar Coach

By Mark Jewell | September 16, 2019
Although William Campbell led a storied career as a businessman, he was also known as a mentor to the successful ... Read More >

Weekly Recap, September 15, 2019

By Mark Jewell | September 15, 2019
Here are our favorite sales-enhancing tips from this week's Selling Energy Blogs... Read More >

Tossing Out Bad Habits

By Mark Jewell | September 14, 2019
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Take the Safe Road

By Mark Jewell | September 13, 2019
Let’s say you’re preparing a cost/benefit analysis for a proposed efficiency upgrade. The worksheet incorporates your ... Read More >

Loss Framing

By Mark Jewell | September 12, 2019
I’ve often said that people make emotional decisions and justify them financially.  People also value the potential of ... Read More >

Take Responsibility for the Quality of Your Communication

By Mark Jewell | September 11, 2019
Communication is so vital to success, whether you’re guiding your prospect through the project or communicating with ... Read More >

The Power of 12

By Mark Jewell | September 10, 2019
How do you gain access to the influencers and decision-makers when approaching a new organization with an efficiency ... Read More >

The Art of Blitzscaling

By Mark Jewell | September 09, 2019
When it comes to business, there’s nothing more fascinating than a success story about rapid, exponential growth.  Some ... Read More >