Assess Your Assets


“Push yourself, just work harder and harder, and get others to work harder too.  Eventually, you will become successful and feel happier. Right?

No, not at all true.”

Assess Your Assets

These are the opening lines of Allison Tabor’s Work Your ASSets Off: Stop Working So Hard in Business and Life.  This isn’t the usual opener for a book on productivity and business.  If it isn’t all about working hard—which it usually is—what could it be about?  Tabor recommends an alternate route: stop trying to fix your weaknesses and focus on your strengths.

In ASSets you’re prompted to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where has my attention been going?
  • Am I focusing on what excites me and what I’m drawn to?
  • What is in natural alignment with my talents?

If you find yourself tackling things that don’t interest you or that you don’t excel at, you need to accept your shortcomings and find a way to accommodate them (or simply delegate or let them go!).  It’s through accepting your weaknesses that you’ll be better able to understand the nature of your work and truly excel. 

Looking for a way to discover and exercise your assets?  I heartily recommend this book as the place to start.  It will get you on the right track.

Here is the summary on Amazon:

“This book was written for business owners, executives, and other individuals who are simply ready to stop working harder and harder. Join me on a journey to ‘embrace your suck,’ leverage your natural talents, and start living your best life with ease.

“This book is for you—if you are ready to work your ASSets off and stop working so hard in business and in life!”

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Posted by Mark Jewell

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