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Asking the Right Questions


Although most in-person meetings are on hold, sales calls are very much alive and well. Making a connection is definitely top of the list, but making the right evaluations are just as important. If you aren’t asking the right questions and know how to utilize certain answers, you may find your conversations being cut short.

Asking the Right Questions

This is where a book like Deb Calvert’s DISCOVER Questions can give you an advantage. Why not be a sales professional that prospects actually want to talk to?

I’ve often spoken about the hazards of focusing on the bits, bytes and blinking lights of whatever energy solution you’re selling. Speaking tech might as well be a foreign language to most of your prospects. With this book you will make your sales meetings more thoughtful, thorough, and most of all - human.  

Here is the summary on Amazon:

Make every sales call count and be the ONE seller buyers want to talk to!  

“With DISCOVER Questions™, you will be able to differentiate yourself from the pack, create value for your buyers and connect in ways you never knew were possible. The research (over 15 years of it with sellers like you!) and anecdotes from actual sales calls will show you exactly how to become more effective in all stages of your sales process.

“You will advance the sale more efficiently when you use DISCOVER Questions™ and the sales approach described in this book.”

Learn how to sell in a recession!


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Posted by Mark Jewell