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Asking the Big (and Little) Questions


Ritual is a way to ground ourselves, whether it’s something we do every day, every week, or set it aside as tradition once a year. Considering how much of sales is an extroverted endeavor, sometimes we need the time to turn inward and remind ourselves of what’s important, as well as who we are. So, what would be a good way to work that into our schedules?

Asking the Big (and Little) Questions

This week our book recommendation isn’t the usual choice. You have the option of using it for yourself or as a means to communicate with others (whether it’s family, friends on a Zoom call or as an ice-breaker for business meetings). It’s literally called The Book of Questions, which may seem fairly simple until you take a closer look. Gregory Stock’s bestselling classic has a way of making you contemplate things you don’t think about, for better or worse! If there were ever a way to get to know yourself (let alone others), this might be the ticket. It will not only prompt you to stop and take the time to think something over, but to stop and think, instead of just doing.

Here is the summary on Amazon:

“The phenomenon returns! Originally published in 1987, The Book of Questions, a New York Times bestseller, has been completely revised and updated to incorporate the myriad cultural shifts and hot-button issues of the past twenty-five years, making it current and even more appealing.

“This is a book for personal growth, a tool for deepening relationships, a lively conversation starter for the family dinner table, a fun way to pass the time in the car. It poses over 300 questions that invite people to explore the most fascinating of subjects: themselves and how they really feel about the world.

“The revised edition includes more than 100 all-new questions that delve into such topics as the disappearing border between man and machine―How would you react if you learned that a sad and beautiful poem that touched you deeply had been written by a computer? The challenges of being a parent―Would you completely rewrite your child’s college-application essays if it would help him get into a better school?  And of course the meaning of it all―If you were handed an envelope with the date of your death inside, and you knew you could do nothing to alter your fate, would you look?

“The Book of Questions may be the only publication that challenges―and even changes―the way you view the world, without offering a single opinion of its own.”

Let us support you on this new journey and help you “put the wind back in your sales” so that you can continue to create value for your customers.


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Posted by Mark Jewell