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Asking Better Questions


Asking the right questions is essential in your interactions with not only your prospects, but also the customers you already do business with.  Of course, what you ask relies on what you learn about their industry, their place in it and the decision-making process that will bring your project to fruition.  Breaking this down to the basics, here are other essentials you need to know in order to make a compelling case:

Asking Better Questions

  • Your customer’s jargon and yardsticks: Without them you won’t be able to reframe your benefits in terms they understand!
  • Soundbites from your Success Story Archive™: Prospects and customers need to hear about how their peers and competitors have benefited from your services and products.
  • Tune in to your customer’s particular role: Be sensitive to their customer segment, their organization, their role within that particular organization and where they are in their careers. Remember, there’s a big difference between a person who is just starting out and someone who’s about to retire!

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Posted by Mark Jewell