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Are Anonymous Referrals Worth It?



We all know how important referrals are for bringing in new business. I’ve had students ask me whether or not anonymous referrals are worth using. My answer? Absolutely. Referrals can work regardless of whether or not the source is revealed.

You might have a client say, "There's a guy on the other side of the town that does the same thing that I do. I happen to know because one of his employees just joined our company. They have the same problems that you just helped us fix. You know what? Don't tell him I told you. Just go over there. I bet you'll get a sale out of him."

Your client may be referring you anonymously because he doesn’t want to disclose that he actually has inside information about the other person’s business. Or maybe he doesn’t want it to be held responsible if the job doesn’t end up working out. Regardless of the reason your client chooses to remain anonymous, you should always take the referral. Maybe you’ll end up getting the sale… maybe you won’t. However, it’s far better than taking a shot in the dark with a random prospect!

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Posted by Mark Jewell