A Way to Improve Your Listening Skills


I’ve written in the past about the importance of listening carefully to everything your prospects say to you. One thing that you should be sure to take note of when listening is repetition. When people repeat words or ideas, it usually signifies importance. The things your prospects choose to repeat provide insight into their world (certainly valuable to have when you’re selling).

A Way to Improve Your Listening Skills

Suppose your prospect on the phone mentioned multiple times a frustration she has with the quantity of “too hot/too cold” calls her maintenance people are logging. Knowing that this is likely the reason that she is looking for a new approach to HVAC control, you would be wise to focus the conversation on how your solution could alleviate that frustration.

Listening for repetition can also help you build rapport with your prospects. You may be able to pick out a certain word or phrase that they use frequently. If you work that same word or phrase into your half of the conversation, you would likely make them (subconsciously) feel more comfortable speaking with you.  

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Posted by Mark Jewell

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