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A Total Productivity System to Achieve More by Doing Less


You may have heard the joke, “I wish there were 25 hours in the day, I would get more done around here.”  Punchline aside, having time isn’t necessarily the problem.  As a culture, we’re stretched thin and overworked and playing multiple roles.  In the meantime, it seems that expectations are only rising, with more role and activities filling our days and more expected of us as individuals.

total productivity system

One antidote to this is re-tuning your habits.  In Michael Hyatt’s Free to Focus there are alternatives to the constant grind—namely finding your own “why,” re-learning how to optimize your energy, and freeing yourself from unnecessary tasks.  Demanding more of yourself will only lead to hitting a wall; freeing yourself to focus on what’s most important to you is the best use of your time.

Here is the summary from Amazon:

“Many professionals work as much as 70 hours a week, leaving little time for rest, exercise, family, and friends.  Work is invading their personal life.

“The common understanding of productivity has failed these professionals.  Most think productivity is just about getting more done at a faster speed.  But it's not.

“Productivity is about getting the right things done.

“New York Times Bestselling author, Michael Hyatt, has created a total productivity system that's much more than endless box checking.  Proven by over 25,000 professionals, this system helps overwhelmed leaders achieve what matters most so they can succeed at both work and life. 

“In his latest book, Free to Focus, you'll discover how to…

  • Redefine your work so it works for you
  • Filter your tasks and commitments
  • Cut out the nonessentials
  • Eliminate interruptions and distractions
  • Set boundaries that protect your focus and drive results
  • Leverage your time and energy for maximum productivity
  • Build momentum for a lifetime of success

“In Free to Focus, you'll learn the 3-step system to achieve more while doing less.”

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Posted by Mark Jewell