8 Techniques That Will Make You More Likeable



Successful efficiency sales professionals are likeable people. Why? Because you can’t build good rapport with a prospect if he or she doesn’t like you as a person, and having good rapport is crucial for success in sales. While being likeable may seem like an innate personality trait that cannot be taught, it’s actually very easy to develop habits that will ensure your prospects perceive you as such.

An article published on Entrepreneur website suggests 8 techniques that salespeople can use to ensure that your prospects perceive you as a likeable person. I want to point out that even the nicest, most genuine people may not be perceived as “likeable.” It all comes down to how you are viewed in the eyes of an outsider. I recommend viewing this slideshow and employing the various strategies the author recommends. It can never hurt to be more likeable than you already are, so consider giving some of these ideas a try!

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Posted by Mark Jewell

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