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6 Post-Sale Tips



Winning the sale is only half of the battle. The next steps you take determine the future success of your business. Here are some post-sale strategies that will keep your business running strong: 

  1. Send a welcome package. Include a thank you letter, a “how to get the best use out of our widgets” report, and some other helpful tools that nurture the relationship and offer post-purchase reassurance. This is a very powerful tool in increasing referrals and minimizing refunds.
  2. Write two review letters: A 2-week review letter with a feedback form and response-maximizing device, and a 6-month review letter asking for their feedback and mentioning that you will call to review their situation.
  3. Create a nurturing program with a total of two nurturing pieces per year as well as two to three letters asking for a repeat sale (this will depend on your specific industry).
  4. Run a referral campaign designed to generate high numbers of direct referrals in return for an incentive.
  5. Send a newsletter at least four times per year. If most of your clients have email, an e-newsletter will suffice.
  6. Send a “special offer” letter. One of the reasons some businesses don't generate much repeat business is that they simply don't ask customers to buy from them again.

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Posted by Mark Jewell