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4 Categories to Explore Before Meeting with Your Prospect


What methods do you use to get to know your prospects before you meet with them? I'm here to tell you that you really need to do a lot more research and planning than you might imagine. The following are four categories that you should explore in depth before meeting with your prospect:

4 categories to explore before meeting with your prospectIndustry

  • Research your prospect’s industry
  • Research their competitors


  • Obtain their literature
  • Get to know their vendors
  • Talk to their customers
  • Talk to other employees at the company
  • Talk to their sales department


  • Find out how your prospect fits into the team
  • Find out who else on their team is going to be part of the decision


  • Talk to people in your network who know them
  • Look them up on LinkedIn
  • Check out other sources like Facebook and Twitter
  • Read articles or papers they have written

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Posted by Mark Jewell