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18 Habits of Successful Sales Professionals


It doesn’t matter how many great ideas you have – unless you are able to communicate your ideas effectively, you might as well not have them. People who communicate well, do well. You have to be an effective and persuasive communicator in order to make something happen. 


In the energy sales setting, you have to sell your ideas. 

  • The purpose is to persuade a person or a group of people to approve a recommendation or proposal and agree to put it into action.
  • Bad communication slows things down or stops the process dead in its tracks; good communication speeds things up.
  • Your prospect will judge the accuracy of your engineering by the quality of your communication. Poor communication can ruin a sale that would have otherwise been in your pocket. 

Hubspot published an article that examines eighteen skills the best salespeople share. If you find yourself having trouble demonstrating the value to your prospect, I highly recommend reading this article and working on these habits of effective reps.

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Posted by Mark Jewell