10 Tips for Creating a Stellar LinkedIn Profile


Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which can be a chaotic blend of personal and business content, LinkedIn is the perfect social media channel for business professionals. 

10 Tips for Creating a Stellar LinkedIn Profile

Someone new creates a LinkedIn account every two seconds, so it is critical to have a top-notch, highly competitive profile showcasing your best work. 

LinkedIn has some great built-in tools to help you customize your profile. Don’t overlook these helpful tips on how to make your profile perfect. 

  1. Profile Image: A LinkedIn account is eleven times more searchable with a profile image. Steer clear of using homegrown selfies and use only a professional business headshot for your profile picture. 
  2. Contact Information: It may seem obvious; however, frequently check your contact information to make sure it is up to date. The last thing you want is to have this great profile with a phone number that has a typo in it. Make it easy for your prospects to contact you quickly. 
  3. Headline: You may think this one is not that important either; however, it’s an excellent opportunity to summarize what you can provide to a potential client. Craft a compelling headline; be succinct and use a few keywords for what you do or sell. 
  4. First Person: Always write your LinkedIn content in the first person; however, remember that it should be about what you can offer to your audience and who your audience is, rather than being all about you. 
  5. Keywords: Throughout your profile use a short list of specific, searchable keywords that represent your business offering, regardless of whether you sell products or services. Use these keywords naturally within the text; don’t force it or use too many. 
  6. Connect: Connect your other social media accounts to your profile so an interested business colleague can check out other aspects of your online exposure and get a larger picture of the real you. 
  7. Experience: Don't overlook the experience section. Use this area to talk about what you do and emphasize your extraordinary achievements. Talk about particularly successful projects and avoid buzzwords at all costs. Do not think of this as just an online resume. This is your professional business-to-business brochure. 
  8. Update Your Status: Make posting regular targeted updates part of your weekly routine. Be sure to use keywords in your posts and share video or other valuable resources with your connected business contacts. Share links in your updates to make your profile stand out from the crowd. 
  9. Groups, Groups, and More Groups: List information about any awards, special skills, licenses, endorsements or groups you are a member of; however, be sure to remember to join member groups within LinkedIn. LinkedIn Groups is an often overlooked, valuable asset helping you become even more connected to your target audience. 
  10. Video: In this fast-paced, time-is-king world, video makes a bigger impression than any amount of words can. Use video to make your LinkedIn profile distinctive and share interesting information that your prospects will appreciate and remember. 

By using all the features of the LinkedIn profile system, you can create a robust, well-rounded picture of you, your business, and what you bring to the table. Each feature offers an opportunity to highlight different elements of your business history, experience, and the complete package that is you.

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Posted by Mark Jewell

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