Assemble a Story Archive

By Mark Jewell | August 04, 2021
It is my studied observation, having been in the business for over 25 years, that the most effective sales ... Read More >

10 Elevator Pitch Tips

By Mark Jewell | August 03, 2021
An elevator pitch is how will you capture someone's attention in 15 seconds or less. It needs to be sensitive to what ... Read More >

Make Yourself TED-Worthy

By Mark Jewell | August 02, 2021
When it comes to designing presentations, my go-to books are Nancy Duarte’s Resonate and Slide:Ology. However, if ... Read More >

Weekly Recap, August 1, 2021

By Mark Jewell | August 01, 2021
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26 Habits of Incredibly Successful Sales Professionals

By Mark Jewell | July 31, 2021
It doesn’t matter how many great ideas you have – unless you are able to communicate your ideas effectively, you might ... Read More >

Keeping Grandma Warm

By Mark Jewell | July 30, 2021
Regardless of what we’re selling, we have to make a case for saying yes.  With energy efficiency it’s even trickier, ... Read More >

Strides in Agricultural Lighting

By Mark Jewell | July 29, 2021
Every now and then you hear about amazing strides being made in the field.  Technology continues to change and adapt, ... Read More >

Don’t Sweat the Tax Stuff

By Mark Jewell | July 28, 2021
My philosophy is that when it comes to tax benefits and other reasons to do an energy projects, be careful not to let ... Read More >

Reframing Savings-to-Investment Ratio for Homeowners

By Mark Jewell | July 27, 2021
If you’ve attended my sales training or are a frequent reader of this blog, you know I'm a big fan of using ... Read More >

Big Debt Crisis

By Mark Jewell | July 26, 2021
It’s a famous quote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” It has only been twelve years ... Read More >