Charge Up Your "Passion Battery"

By Mark Jewell | July 07, 2022
Think back to the last time you bought something after being convinced by someone else that it was a worthwhile ... Read More >

Be Like the Personal Trainer

By Mark Jewell | July 06, 2022
Most people think sales is all about forming strong relationships with prospects. If you do that, they’re going to want ... Read More >

How to Sell Effectively to the Healthcare Industry

By Mark Jewell | July 05, 2022
Today, we’re going to discuss how to reframe the benefits of efficiency when selling to prospects in the healthcare ... Read More >

Secrets from the New Science of Expertise

By Mark Jewell | July 04, 2022
It’s an old adage you’ve heard plenty of times: “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”  You might have heard it ... Read More >

Weekly Recap, July 3, 2022

By Mark Jewell | July 03, 2022
Here are our sales-enhancing tips from this week's Selling Energy Blogs... Read More >

Touch It Once Principle

By Mark Jewell | July 02, 2022
We all know that procrastination is bad for productivity. The reluctance to do things that are unpleasant seems to be ... Read More >

Setting Yourself Apart from Your Competition

By Mark Jewell | July 01, 2022
When it comes to sales, a lot of our time is spent learning about a prospect’s needs.  Sometimes, one needs to “connect ... Read More >

Good Pitching

By Mark Jewell | June 30, 2022
If you’ve attended one of my sales trainings or are a frequent reader of my blogs, you’ve likely heard me talk about ... Read More >

Win Over Your Audience

By Mark Jewell | June 29, 2022
How do you prepare a presentation that will win over your audience? The first step is to carefully contemplate the ways ... Read More >

What Does My Listener Need to Know?

By Mark Jewell | June 28, 2022
I talk a lot about communication strategies on this blog because effective communication is vital to success in sales ... Read More >
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