What Value Can You Bring to the Table?

By Mark Jewell | September 22, 2021
Most people plan their pricing from the perspective of cost when they should be pricing their offerings based on the ... Read More >

Breaking into a New Company or Sales Territory

By Mark Jewell | September 21, 2021
When you find yourself in a new company or exploring a new territory, the first thing you have to do is build rapport.  ... Read More >

Going Exponential

By Mark Jewell | September 20, 2021
Over the past twenty years there has been an explosion of data-based companies surpassing their “traditional” or ... Read More >

Weekly Recap, September 19, 2021

By Mark Jewell | September 19, 2021
Here are our favorite sales-enhancing tips from this week's Selling Energy Blogs... Read More >

It’s the Little Things

By Mark Jewell | September 18, 2021
Summer is over and Fall is upon us; however, milestones like the beginning or end of a season aren’t the only times you ... Read More >

The 4 Rules for Non-Mutually Exclusive Projects

By Mark Jewell | September 17, 2021
There are two kinds of projects out there: non-mutually exclusive projects and mutually exclusive projects.  Read More >

Is Your Closing Ratio Suffering?

By Mark Jewell | September 16, 2021
If you have a lousy closing rate, what are you doing wrong?  It's usually a combination of talking to the wrong people ... Read More >

Timely Follow-Up

By Mark Jewell | September 15, 2021
Too many salespeople fail to appreciate the importance of timely follow-up.  They don’t realize it’s what truly gets ... Read More >

Overcoming the “We Don’t Have the Money” Objection

By Mark Jewell | September 14, 2021
Most prospects are spending money on an overly large utility bill when they could be making principal and interest ... Read More >

Rebuilding the Grid

By Mark Jewell | September 13, 2021
Every now and then a concern or “canary in a coal mine” issue surfaces in our culture. Gretchen Bakke’s The Grid ... Read More >